2010 Quebec Climate Action Camp

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Camp infrastructure and workshops
Locally-led activities
Concentrated programming, workshops, action


March and rally against the Trailbreaker project!
Meeting at 1h00, at Park l'Envol in Dunham
On road 202, (3350 rue Principale)

Sunday August 15th you are invited to join the march to demonstrate CLEARLY our opposition to the projected flow inversion of the Montreal-Portland pipeline and the construction of a pumping station in Dunham. This is a call-out to all citizens living in municipalities neighbour hooding the pipeline and to all people out there supporting us!

Recent events in the Gulf of Mexico and the recent spill on an Enbridge pipeline in Michigan tell of the urgency to take action so that such dangers are avoided here.


We will get to the Dunham Town Hall for speeches and a community gathering
A free snack will be served.

Bring drums and whistles so that will be heard all over!
This will be a festive and pacific march! Families are welcome!

This march is organised as part of the Camp for Climate Action taking place in Dunham from the 7th to the 23rd of August in collaboration with the Comité pour l'Environnement de Dunham and the Coalition du corridor de l'oléoduc Montréal-Portland. For more info: www.uncampement.net

Join the 2010 Quebec
Climate Action Camp
Dunham Quebec, August 7-23 – Convergence Days 18-22

We must act swiftly to tackle the root causes of climate change and create the systemic change needed to avert climate catastrophe. So that’s what we’re doing. Taking action. Building a movement. Collectively, we can become a force to be reckoned with. Come to Dunham this August and be a part of it.

The Quebec Climate Action Camp will bring together rebels and renegades, gardeners and guardians, young and old. We will combine our hearts, hands, minds and spirits to challenge the Trailbreaker, a pipeline that snakes from the heart of the Tar Sands to the Eastern seaboard. Specifically, we will be trying to prevent the construction of a proposed pumping station – a key component of the Trailbreaker's infrastructure – that threatens the local community of Dunham, Quebec.

But the goal of the camp is not only to confront a single destructive entity.We want to show the possibility of another world – green, sustainable, and free of fossil fuels.

The camp will take place from August 7th until the 23rd, with Convergence Days on 18th to 22nd. Run on participatory, non-hierarchical principles, the camp will be the product of the participants. The concentrated programming and organized workshops and trainings will happen during the Convergence Days, but there will also be plenty of space for autonomous workshops, discussions, collective cooking and everything in between.

The camp will feature issues of food security, migrant justice and indigenous solidarity, local agricultural initiatives and fossil fuels, green solutions, biking and climbing, and lots, lots more. The camp will also include creative non-violent direct actions.


The camp will take place at the Hameau l’Oasis de Dunham located 1 hour southeast of Montreal at 1964 Scottsmore Rd, Dunham. We are asking for a daily contribution of $5 to cover location and logistical costs. Three free, delicious meals a day will be provided from our communal kitchens. There is a large area set aside for camping. Or you can rent rooms for $10 a night at the Hameau. Check out http://www.jardinsdelaterre.org/hameau.html or call 450.263.6056 for more details.

Want to give a workshop?

There will be plenty of space provided for autonomous workshops at the camp, but the more we know before the camp, the better we can accommodate everyone. If you have a burning desire to teach, train or share your skills send an email to: climateactionmtl@gmail.com.

Let us know when you’re coming down, what kind of space you need, and any other important details!

Getting to Dunham:

Bike Bloc to the Quebec Climate Action Camp

Departure 9:30 am, Wednesday August 18, 2010
from Square Dominion
(corner Peel & Rene Levesque)

FOR MORE INFO: http://www.uncampement.net

Join the critical mass from Montreal to the site of the 2010 Climate Action Camp for Convergence Days, which will include trainings, workshops, and non-violent direct action to tackle the root causes of climate change and stop the Trailbreaker pipeline from bringing dirty oil through Quebec!

We will ride from downtown Montreal, across the St.Lawrence River, and through the Monteregie and Eastern Townships regions south of the city to the Climate Camp in Dunham. The trek will take 6 hours, following Quebec’s bike trails – the Route Verte.

Lunch will provided from the Climate Camp kitchens at a half-way point. We will also provide cargo transport for your camping gear and luggage.

**Bring your helmets and a water bottle!

* ACCESSIBILITY NOTE: We will make every effort to ensure the camp is fully accessible. The main tent site, however, is not wheelchair accessible, though we can provide other space that is. Also, please note that the camp space is without paved paths or roads and may be difficult to navigate.

Check out our website for more information www.uncampment.net and join the Facebook group for more information and updates.

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